Friday, May 26, 2006

yeah you can now read about my at ....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Moving My Blog

Actually this is more a note to myself that I should be moving my blog in the close future...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

2+2=4 - but does Bush need to tell us that?

"We face an enemy that will use explosive devices in order to shake our will; in order to foment violence in Iraq; in order to try to convince the American people that we can't win in Iraq," Mr Bush said. (,5744,18436683%255E23109,00.html)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

In Pain

Went out yesterday to meet a friend from Malaga.
Went to a crap bar.
Went to make an official complaint.
Went to drink more beer.
Went to drink tequila.
Went to drink rum.
Went to find a taxi.
Went to the third floor.
Went to call my girlfriend and tell her the door wouldn't open.
Went to the second floor where my girlfriend opened the door.
Went to bed.
Went to the side of the bed and puke.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Highschool Masacres

So I'm in this Spanish course in Madrid it's really good and my Spanish is improving - for instance today I realised that you actually can say "joder" (fuck) in a lot of different ways and and and I did some very interesting sketches for some grafiti and some other paintings.

Well, more or less half the class is American - I correct my self: They come from the United States of America - there's two from Brazil so a bit more than half the class is American (including the latin Americans).
About half of the US americans have grouped (read ghettoed) in the top right corner of the class. I guess they are scared of Jihad who is in the back of the class. I find it rather hard to describe their behaviour, but childish, immature or touristic would probably do the job, but it gets to this point where you get annoyed and start asking yourself if it would help if you recorded them and showed it to the on a TV. Now my point is that I at somepoint got so annoyed and joking with other student and I with my hands symbolised the loading of a shotgun and afterwards the shot. Now this got me thinking, maybe the reason for why they have all these highschool masacres is an whole other than fucked up teenagers and access to weapons! If less sane people have to live with this behaviour (I guess these people have matured and it has been much much worse) for 13 year, 5-7 hours per day, 5 days a week, then they get to a point where enough is enough...

Well, for several reasons I haven't really talked with these people - neither have they to me. And they are probably ok and nice and all that... I wanted to do some silly joke about Bush Jr. but it's like kicking to a three year old.

CARTOON CRISIS: "Bad publicity is better than no publicity" an article explaining that the traffic on Jyllands Postens homepage has exploded.

As Simon Spies used to say "Bad publicity is better than no publicity". I wonder how the nation Denmark is able to make a positive spin on this.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I'm sick... I might not go to class to day! :(
I'll find out soon enough... I have to walk the dog though...
Just read that "a stupid Imam" (my opinion) would propose his parish to boycot Danish goods and oil deliveries to Denmark... stupid stupid stupid... as one of the few nations in the western world Denmark is self suppliant with oil.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Burn motherfucker burn

Courtesy Danmarks Radio

Today on the way in the metro I saw on TV the national flag being burned (I am Danish of nationality)... and for once it was not the autonomous Danish punkers. I was Palistinians burning the Danish flag, and the reason for this was a number of disrespecting drawings of Muhammed (the profet) brought by Danish newspaper.
Disrespect of Mohammed (Courtesy Jyllands Posten)

On the TV I see these Palistinians igniting the flag with some petrol... the flags then burns but not impressingly well... what happens next is that they start stepping on it - hmmm didn't they wanna burn the fucker? So now is it I wonder is this the same morons who coordinate suicide bombings and other attacks against Israel?
In that case I better understand why they don't manage it very well...

I already expect Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Danish prime minister) to declare war, bring the Danish National Guard (average age 45, average weight 100kg, average IQ 45) in action and send in the troops. Come on Denmark has already invaded Iraq - they are Muslims, they carry weapons and they probably conspire to develop WOMDs some time in the future - could there be a better reason).

Further here:
A Danish company which is being boycotted in the Middle East begs Anders Fogh to do something to end the boycot... ahhh the sweet mind of capitalism - fuck democracy and endorse the cash. That is exactly the reason why we need facism and a strong goverment.